The benefits of own boat tuition

26 January 2021

Recent events have required many businesses to adjust in order to thrive. Here at Jolly Parrot Sailing, Gibraltar, we’re no different.

We’ve been relatively unaffected by the Covid crisis, but like everyone else, we have had to adjust our procedures in order to protect our clients and instructors. And like many crises, we’ve also discovered a popular option amongst clients. ‘Own Boat Tuition’. This makes a lot of sense as you are learning on a boat you know and will be sailing in the future. 

Of course, not everyone is fortunate enough to have their own boat, but here at Jolly Parrot, we’ve thought of that. That’s why we offer families, friends and ‘support bubbles’ the opportunity to learn and improve their sailing skills with people they know. We can even deliver an RYA sailing course while training you! 

Part of the fun of learning to sail with strangers is the way they come together as a crew and learn something new as a group. Many of our students meet friends that keep in touch for years. But sometimes, especially now, learning with people you know can be a great option. Not only does it help us to stay isolated from other households, but own-boat-tuition has other advantages;

  • The younger and less confident members of your group may feel more able to speak up and ask questions amongst people they know.
  • It can be beneficial to learn skills with those you will be sailing with later. That way, there is no confusion. For example, when the different crew are taught a skipper’s preferred technique and that differs from another.
  • We all have some concerns when joining a boat of strangers for a week! 99 times out of a 100 those concerns are quickly dispersed, like the first day at school, but learning as a group with people you know removes this risk.
  • Accommodation can be less strictly allocated. As a group, some of you might feel more comfortable sharing a cabin whilst others prefer the saloon? A group booking allows you pretty much complete autonomy.


Last, but not least, booking own-boat tuition or a group booking on one of our training yachts, can be extremely good value for money! Contact us for more information.

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