We think it's really important to choose a progression path that works for you – whether that’s related to the amount of holiday you have available, how confident you feel, or how fast you want to take things.

The advice below is based on the conversations we have with people all the time. If you need more help or have a question though, just get in touch.

I’m just starting out – which course is right for me?

About you: Course suggestion:
Looking for a true ’hands-on’ sailing holiday? Choose RYA Competent Crew course
Want to become a confident and useful crew member?   

Choose RYA Competent Crew course

Know you'll love sailing and keen to progress as fast as possible?

Choose our Novice to RYA Day Skipper program.

I have some sailing experience – what is my next step?

About you: Course suggestion:
Already Competent Crew and want to be able to skipper your own yacht as soon as possible?

Choose our RYA Day Skipper FastTrack course (Day Skipper Theory and Day Skipper practical)

Already Day Skipper with 300 miles logged and looking for the next challenge? Choose our RYA Coastal Skipper or consider a Milebuilding adventure or maybe our Extended Yachtmaster Program
Looking to notch up miles or experience before the next qualification?

Choose a milebuilding adventure, or a Sailing Refresher      

Want to practice existing skills on a true ’hands-on’ sailing holiday?
Qualified Competent Crew or above, but need to refresh your skills or get some Mediterranean sailing experience? Choose a Sailing Refresher week or a milebuilding adventure.       

I need an International Certificate of Competence (ICC) – what are my options?

About you: Course suggestion:
Need an ICC for an upcoming Flotilla holiday?  Choose our RYA ICC Flotilla or RYA Day Skipper FastTrack  
Need an ICC but would also like to be able to charter yachts in the UK? 

Choose RYA Day Skipper FastTrack

Experienced skipper just wanting to do a one day ICC assessment?    We can arrange this on a day when our training yachts are available Contact us
Want an ICC but have no sailing qualifications or experience yet?

Choose our Novice to RYA Day Skipper programme

Or choose our RYA Competent Crew course followed by either our RYA ICC Flotilla course or RYA Day Skipper FastTrack course.

My RYA Yachtmaster exam is looming – can you help?

About you: Course suggestion:
Need to be ‘put through your paces’ ahead of your RYA Yachtmaster exam? Choose our Yachtmaster 5 or 10 day Preparation.

There are a few of us – what can you do?

About you: Course suggestion:
Keen to learn along with other friends or family members?  With enough notice we can book you all on the same course. Depending on numbers, we may be able to offer a discount. It may also be worth considering a Skippered Yacht Charter to get exactly what you want at the very best price! Contact us to discuss
Interested in sailing with your group in a different location? We occasionally organise events and charters in other places. Contact us to discuss.